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Our Story should really be named ‘Your Story’ because without you, women of the world, we would not exist but as you have clicked to read our story then I shall continue…….

I don’t like to miss an opportunity to have a glass of wine with my friends and family. There is nothing better than getting together with my girlfriends for a glass of bubbles and a giggle. It’s good for the soul and cheaper than therapy.

I wanted to carry a cooler bag that I liked carrying but no matter how much I googled I could not find anything anywhere in the world I liked, anything I felt was designed for me.

So I decided that I would design a range of handbags that could also keep my wine cool. I designed our first range of 3 styles and after many months of R&D with friends and family I finally got to take my handbags, each named after my family and friends, to our local market to get face to face with our customers.

I must admit this was an eye opener. There were so many women, just in my local area, that have been waiting, without even knowing it, for a handbag that keeps stuff cool! I have even been referred to as a “Goddess of Wine Lovers”! I think that is going a little too far but it has been an interesting journey in the preceding months as we have expanded the range to 12 styles and over 60 variations as a direct result of talking to women everywhere.

Ladies deserved someone to care how they looked when keeping their drinks and food cool and the rest, as they say, is history.


Our Customers

What you, women of the world have shown us is the uses of the Cool Clutch Cooler Handbag are extensive:

  • I absolutely LOVE my Hannah Cool Tote, she can easily handle everything that comes along with me in my work as a busy professional including my laptop. At the moment I’m using the cool pouch to keep important documents safe and secure but have used it to hold everything from wine to salad to groceries on the way home from work. The choice of handles or a strap also make it really convenient and there’s no sign of wear & tear whatsoever. Very satisfied customer!
    Tara recently purchased several of our Cool Totes because she hated going to a party with her favourite wine to find it empty when she went to get another glass.
  • Ashleigh is a new mum and she takes her babies bottle of breast milk where-ever she goes, avoiding any possible embarrassment, and it is still warm enough for baby to take.
  • Margaret loves her Olivia Cool Clutch so she can secretly and stylishly take her diet meal to work – it is still frozen at lunchtime.


  • Dayna told us how she loved to have a snack during the day and her yoghurt was still cool and edible after 8 hours!
  • Pam who didn’t have a fridge at work and is now saving money (and losing weight) as she takes her lunch and doesn’t have to get takeaway every day.
  • Anne who is having a lovely new kitchen but the fridge is currently in the garage. Having her drink cool by her side in a Cool Clutch, made her movie watching so much more enjoyable not having to keep pausing it, to fill her glass.
  • Debbie is a grandmother of 2 beautiful pre-kinder aged girls and she was able to fill her Jane  Cool Clutch with children’s yoghurts and drinks when they went off to the Zoo. Having only 1 handbag for everything meant she had a hand for each child to hold.
  • Sam’s husband is diabetic and she carries his injections in the cooler pocket of her Cool Clutch Cool Tote.
  • Kylie carries an EpiPen in case her son comes in contact with Peanuts. It is recommended that Epinephrine injections are kept in an insulated wallet and the removable pocket of the Cool Clutch is perfect for that.
  • Sarah takes a Cool Clutch Large Cool Tote to the beach to keep everything cool. The sunscreen’s active ingredients stays cool and effective. Their food keeps cool so at lunchtime they can enjoy a nice picnic.

This list is continuing to grow and we would love to hear from you if you have a unique use for your Cool Clutch.

Just email us at customerservice@coolclutch.net

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